"Losing The Battle... Winning The War!"

by Craig Marchant

Losing The Battle... Winning The War!
One Family Man's Continuing Journey Down The Rabbit Hole Of Mental Illness
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My name is Craig Marchant and I'm a happily married guy with five children. Back when I was 12 or so I was diagnosed with Depression and Anxiety and at about 17 years old my psychotic symptoms kicked in with me seeing and hearing things. Despite this, I consider myself to be one of the fortunate ones. Say What? How can having a Mental Health Illness be considered fortunate I hear you asking? Well, unlike a lot of people who have Psychotic symptoms with their illnesses I am able to tell most of the time if what I am seeing or hearing is fact or fiction. Recently I've been dedicating my time to helping others who also experience mental health illnesses, but may or may not be as lucky as me. I feel that since I was given the gift of being able to hold a conversation and speak about my condition, that I do it as often as possible. For those who are unable to do this for themselves. This, my latest eBook called Losing The Battle... Winning The War! is the next book that carries on from my Amazon Best Seller Book 'Conquer Your Inner Demons - The Ultimate Guide To Better Mental Health' published in late 2020. In my usual fashion, I have my story and/or journey at the beginning of the eBook and then I do a review on what happened to bring me to the depths of despair and then how I managed to pull myself back up out of the hole.